Lexend Font Free Download

Lexend Font Free Download

Lexend Font is a sans serif font that contains more than 400 glyphs. It is primarily designed by Mr. Bonnie Shaver-Troup and Mr. Thomas Jockin takes some alternation to increased weight size.

The designer has given him name the Lexend which derived from Legend. That’s mean the designer has to try to put legendary touch which leads it from the other font families.

And make it a better choice for the designers. For that reason, it has surpassed some famous fonts. And take his position strong for various tasks.

Many designers proudly choose this elegant font because they know it will definitely add the professional touch in designs. So, that compatible with your designs also.

Lexend Font Family

Lexend Font Family Download

Lexend Font Family has come with six elegant weights including Exa,  Giga, Mega, Peta, Tera, and Zetta. All weights have a clean appearance with 400 characters.

Because of these six weights, it can be used for large projects as well. So, in larger projects, that typeface can be used in different portions like bold heading, small text, long paragraph as well.

This basic font licensed under the Open Font License. So,  you just click on a single button below and download the Lexend typeface into your operating system.

Download Now

Lexend Font Free Download

After that, you will be able to use it freely for commercial tasks. For example, products & projects, printing cards, digital work, official cards, book covers, log designs, and etc.

Also, that’s a perfect choice for development purposes like web or app development. So, if you truly like that then just leave a remark about it in the comment bar.

And if you are new here then visit our home page. I hope you will find some other legendary fonts also according to your need. Good Luck!

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