Medula One Font Free Download

Medula One Font Free Download

Medula One Font is a sans serif font that contains a clean and clear texture. It is created by Mr. LucianoVergara for the first time during 2011.

While the LatinoType Limitada took all right reserved for this font family. So, if you want any legal information then you can get it from that foundry.

It’s an ultra-ambitious unique typeface specially designed for display use. So, that a perfect choice for bold headings and banners. While if you want to work in a short text passage.

Then that can also help for that purpose. His sweet and a little bit cursive texture provide the coolest touch. Which a basic demand for the customers in modern fonts.

Medula One Font Family

Medula One Font Family Download

The Medula One Font has available only in a single regular style with a Truetype file format. That has brush-like end strokes in every character which are 225 counts in numbers.

If we analyze it deeply then we get one unique thing that it’s looks like the combination of sans serif and modern typefaces. Because the designer takes some fonts families as inspiration.

In which some are old sans serif typeface and some are new as modern fonts. So, that fresh and versatile font has great potential to work in a smooth way.

Just click on a single button below and download the Medula One within a second. And you will be able to use it freely for commercial tasks.

Download Now

Medula One Font Free Download

For example, its bold appearance makes it capable for banners, movie posters, game titling, book covers, logos, card printing, game development, and game titling also.

Many experts already utilized that clean font for various projects so now that’s your turn to create some awesome designs. And provide satisfaction to your clients and amaze your competitors as well.

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