Gudea Font Free Download

Gudea Font Free Download

Gudea Font is a sans serif font that contains a clean and clear texture. A female font designer Miss. Agustina Mingote took the charge for designing it and releasing it for the first time since 2011.

That has featured the simple condensed structure which brings a pleasant feeling with a professional touch. So, it will bring up the design capability.

The designer has taken inspiration from engineering documentation just to make it compatible with labels and maps. But later on, she has improved it and increase it’s scope to other fields also.

Now it becomes the perfect choice for technical works like engineering, land surveying, and architecture. Because it contains techno look frequently.

Gudea Font Family

Gudea Font Family Download

Gudea Font is available in three styles including bold, italic, and regular. Possessing the Open type features of each, that remarkable font has 279 number of glyphs.

That can support 102 global languages including Pisin, Tswana, and Uyghur. In this way, this elegant font gets great popularity from all around the world.

Another great aspect of Gudea is that it’s free for personal and commercial uses. Because it comes with SIL license so you just click on a download link below and get that typeface into your computer instantly.

Download Now

Gudea Font Free Download

Thusly, you can easily use this awesome font in various fields including book covers, technical documents, fabric printing, official cards, movie posters, game titling, watermarks on pictures, and many more.

Other than those, each and every place where you find it perfect. Now I believe you are satisfied with our services and this clean font as well.

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